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June 2018

It’s always a busy time in the shop, but in the spring and summer months we do see more customers which is always good news. It’s great to see locals and passing visitors in the shop, so don’t forget to keep using us.

Now is the time we sell plants to stock the garden. These can go quickly so keep an eye open for the plant stands at the front of the shop. If you grow your own plants from seed, including vegetables, you may have a surplus that you do not want to throw onto the compost heap. We will be pleased to accept these as donations, and sell them on. That is also true of vegetables and fruit you grow. If you have a glut of courgettes or beans, we will be happy to take them off your hands. Isn’t it amazing how many courgettes you can get off three little seedlings – at home we’re still eating courgette soup from last year.

Our new stock of frozen meats from a local butcher is selling well. They are tucked away in the bottom of the freezer cabinet immediately on your left as you enter the shop, so have a look at what’s there next time you are in. And you can ask us to order frozen meat in especially for you if you speak to the shop supervisor.

We have always delivered papers to quite a wide area – including Headley, Ashford Hill, Plastow Green, Bishops Green, Ecchinswell and Crookham. We are very keen to keep these deliveries going in order to serve customers, and because the sale of papers is an important source of income for us. During the week we employ someone to do the deliveries, but we’ve never managed to find someone to work at the weekends so we are dependent upon a group of volunteers. To keep this service going we need more volunteers. Please consider whether you could help at the weekend for 3 hours once a month, either in the shop or driving the shop car to make deliveries. Contact Neil on


May 2018

When I wrote the April update I was moaning about the weather and in particular the Beast from the East. At the point I’m writing it has not improved a great deal, although the forecasters are promising a significant improvement ………soon. Not surprisingly many conversations in the shop include the current state of the weather and related issues such as the right time to plant out seeds and seedlings in the vegetable patch. I am hoping that by the time you read this we are enjoying better weather and the gardens are starting to get back to “normal”.

The weather did have an impact on newspaper deliveries from the shop when the second lot of snow came. Smiths News, our paper suppliers, failed to deliver on two days. Since then their deliveries to us have been less reliable than usual, sometimes providing us with fewer copies of particular titles than we need. We apologise to any customers who have been affected by this, and hope that we have now returned to a more consistent paper service.

Part of the shop’s mission is to stock local products where possible and appropriate. This is in addition to the well-known national brand items on our shelves. We are members of Hampshire Fare. This not-for-profit organisation was set up 27 years ago by a group of local farmers to raise awareness of Hampshire and Isle of Wight produce. If local produce interests you, take a look at their website – Also have a look around the shop at the local items we stock including: free range eggs, honey, apple juices, pies, ice cream, beers and ciders, bread, cheeses and spring water. In addition, from just over the border in Berkshire, we sell a selection of sauces from Atkins and Potts, based in Newbury. It’s worth supporting your local producers.

We have reintroduced a range of frozen meats from a local butcher in Wolverton, and this appears popular with customers. Have a look at what is on offer in the freezer cabinet on your left as you come into the shop, and if you want us to order frozen meat in especially for you please speak to the shop supervisor.

If you value your local community shop but do not have time to volunteer in the shop, you can still contribute by becoming a shareholder. You can become a member of the Shop Association by buying one share for £10. You would be invited to the annual general meeting of the association in order to hear about our progress and plans and to contribute to discussions. Ask for a shareholder application form in the shop.

Finally the Open Studio Art Exhibition is to be held in the community room of the shop from Saturday 11 May for two weeks. This has been a very popular annual event for some time, so come along to view the work of our local artists.

Opening times for the two Bank Holidays in May are as follows:
Monday 7 May and Monday 28 May 7.30-10.00am
Newspapers in the shop and newspaper deliveries will be normal for both of these days

April 2018

The beginning of March was a challenging time.  Snow drops were fully out and the daffodils were on their way – and then came the Beast from the East.  The snow and the very low temperatures were a shock. Hopefully you all managed during that period. The shop closed early on the two very snowy days, but staff and volunteers were great and worked hard to keep everything going.  Even the papers got through. Luckily we were able to get the use of two 4 wheel drive vehicles, and teams went out into the snow drifts to deliver. This was helped because most people, very sensibly, kept off the road so we encountered very little traffic.  Over the two very bad days we failed to deliver to just four houses – not bad given the weather. Needless to say the papers were delivered later than usual; apologies to our customers for that.

We were very pleased to welcome a new permanent member of staff at the beginning of March.  Sheila Crawford joined us on 1 March and will be working in the Post Office on Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturday mornings.  This means that we are now back to a full establishment of staff in the shop and the PO.

Thank you to those PO users who are making regular purchases in the shop when they visit us.  We have explained before that the PO is subsidised by our shop takings. That means that for the PO to remain open we need to do well in the shop.

Despite the fact that we have taken on additional paid staff, we are still very dependent upon volunteers.  Our existing volunteer team is great but we always need more volunteers on weekdays and at the weekend. We are particularly short of volunteers for our early opening period on Saturdays and Sundays.  This entails about 3 hours each day, and we need volunteers to work in the shop and to deliver newspapers using our shop car.

If you can help please ask for a volunteer leaflet in the shop, or email Neil on or Carol-anne on


Opening times over Easter are as follows:

  • Good Friday 30 March 7.30-10.00am
  • Saturday 31 March – normal opening times 6.30am -12.30pm
  • Sunday 1 April – normal opening times 7.30 -10.00am
  • Easter Monday 2 April – 7.30-10.00am
  • Newspapers in the shop and newspaper deliveries will be normal for all of these days

March 2018

Firstly many thanks to those of you who came along to the “Call My Bluff” wine tasting event on 3 February. Those of you who did not attend missed a great evening out. We have to thanks Mary Bayly who organised it all and did a terrific job, making sure that it would run as smoothly as it did. It was the perfect combination – a highly enjoyable, sociable evening and a very successful fund-raising event. Mary has asked to say the following.

“Our Call My Bluff wine tasting evening was a great success. Thank you to all those who helped in any way, by cleaning the hall in readiness or clearing up afterwards, by preparing and serving the food and wine and buying raffle tickets. A special thanks to out three “wise wine men”, Graham, Ken and Mark, who kept us in fits of laughter with their banter and “accessories”! But most of all, huge thanks to all of you who supported the event – your amazing generosity enabled us to raise over £1,000, which will be shared between the Community Shop and Headley Village Hall. “

We have a few important volunteer and staff changes to report in this article.

Alyson Cowlishaw has been a key volunteer for many years, as well as being a cover member of staff in the Post Office. She has volunteered as supervisor and provided much needed help in setting up and supporting our IT system. Alyson and her husband Andy are moving to Cornwall. We wish them both well and hope they enjoy life in the south west. Thanks Alyson for all your support in the shop.

In the last magazine we reported that Diane Crook, who has been delivering weekday newspapers for the shop in Headley for 15 years, was retiring. We were a little worried that we would find it difficult to replace her. But I am very pleased to report that on 5 February Andy Bodker joined the staff team as deliverer. You will see Andy driving around in the shop car early each morning. He has quite a complex route to learn (initially in the dark), so for those of you who have weekday papers delivered by us I hope you will understand that initially your paper may have arrived a few minutes later than usual.

Again in the last magazine we reported on Sue Scott’s retirement from the Post Office. We have recently appointed Sheila Crawford to take over most of Sue’s hours and she will be starting on 1 March. She wil be working on Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturday mornings. You may have met Sheila in Baughurst PO before coming to us. We welcome both Andy and Sheila as new members of staff.

Having mentioned the appointment of a new paper deliverer, remember that we deliver to a large area including Headley, Ashford Hill, Plastow Green, Bishops Green, Eccinhinswell and Burghclere, We provide the only paper delivery service to some parts of this area. If you would like your papers to be delivered please enquire in the shop. If you have friends in the area who may not receive this magazine, please mention this service to them and encourage them to make use of the shop.

January / February 2018

Happy New Year!

We hope you all survived the challenges and pleasures of Christmas and the New Year. Thanks to all of you who did some of your Christmas shopping in our village shop.

In the last few weeks there have been a few staff and volunteer changes to tell you about. Just to remind you first, as a not for profit community shop we depend on a team of local volunteers for a lot of what we do. But despite the hard work of our volunteers, the size of the team has reduced and we need to appoint staff as well to make sure we can stay open at all times. Before Christmas we appointed a new day time shop supervisor, Serena Coventry. If you have not met her yet she is in every day from 9.15am, following Karen Elliott, our early morning supervisor. Serena is keen to ensure that we stock what people want, so if you have any ideas of items that we could introduce please speak to her.

In addition Sue Scott, who has worked in the PO for many years, retired at the end of December. Thank you to those of you who donated to her retirement present and attended her leaving presentation. We are interviewing for a replacement for Sue’s hours during January and hope we will have a new PO Assistant by February.

Finally, Diane Crook has been delivering papers each weekday for the community shop and for the original shop on Ashford Hill Road for 15 years. She has done a great job, facing whatever the weather throws at her early each morning. Sadly she is retiring at the end of January. She will be replaced by a new member of staff from Thatcham, Andy Bodker.

Serena’s appointment means that some of our long standing hard working volunteer supervisors do not have to work in the shop so many hours. As always we are very grateful for all the work of all our volunteers.

As a reminder, our Post Office is an important service that we provide for the community and it is well used. The Post Office service does not pay well, so our PO is subsidised by takings from the shop. If the shop closes due to insufficient business then the PO closes as well. If you use the PO please can we ask you to also use the shop at the same time? Anything you buy will contribute to the PO subsidy and therefore help us to keep both the shop and the PO open.

Tickets are on sale in the shop for Call My Bluff on 3 February. If you have not been before, and you enjoy wine and a bit of fun, please consider getting tickets. It’s to be held in Headley Village Hall. Hurry, time is running out for this great evening out.

December 2017

The most important piece of news is that we are very pleased to welcome a new member of staff to the shop.  Those who read this page will know that as a community shop we have been operating largely with volunteers for some years.  Our volunteers are fantastic and put in many hours of work to support the shop, but we have been struggling recently with insufficient volunteers to cover everything.  As a result we have appointed a full time shop supervisor.  Those of you who go into the shop early in the morning will know that we employ Karen Elliott until 9.30am.  In addition we now have Serena Coventry starting full-time on 4 December to cover each weekday.  Serena is a local person and lives in Kingsclere. We hope you will come in to the shop to welcome her yourselves (and of course to do a bit of shopping while you are in there).

The post office continues to be busy.  With Christmas coming, please prepare your cards and parcels well in advance in order to miss the last minute rush.  Sue Scott, who has been our post mistress for some years, is retiring at the end of December.  We all thank her for her work and her company, and send our best wishes to her for her future and for a happy retirement.  

Our Post Office is an important service that we provide for the community and it is well used.  Because the Post Office service does not pay well, our local PO is subsidised by takings from the shop.  So, if you use the PO please can we ask you to also use the shop at the same time?  You don’t have to spend a lot but anything you buy will contribute to the PO subsidy and therefore help us to keep it open.  

We held another successful pre-Christmas tasting morning on 18 November.  Those who came saw some of our Christmas stock, along with a range of our local, high quality products.  The tasting morning introduced our newly stocked range of sauces and relishes from Atkins and Potts.  These proved popular, so please come in and see these new products.  We are stocking a range of Christmas products including cards, wrapping paper, Advent calendars, hampers, presentation biscuits and chocolates, beers and wines.   

Halloween is long gone, but thanks to those of you who entered our pumpkin carving competition.  The entries were excellent and the judging was tense.  In the end we decided to award the first prize of shop tokens jointly to Savannah Joyner and Elodie Mason.

Christmas and New Year shop opening:  For your information, over the festive season we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  There will be no newspaper deliveries on these days.  Otherwise we are open at our normal hours.

Get into the Christmas spirit by joining us for carols in the shop community room on 12 December

November 2017

Halloween, and the joys of pumpkins and trick or treating, should have passed by the time you read this. But don‘t forget that if you bought a pumpkin from the shop you still have time to enter the pumpkin carving competition. The deadline for your entries is Tuesday 7 November. Check the entry form for more details.

We are holding a “local food” tasting morning from 10.00 to 13.00 on Saturday 18th November. This follows a successful formula from previous years where a preview of some of our Christmas Fare will also be available for tasting and sale. Honesty Bakery will be in attendance with their excellent range of breads, a new range of wines and beers will be available to try as will cooking sauces and condiments produced in Ball Hill by Atkins and Potts, winners of many “Great Taste” awards. Other surprises are planned. Entry is free and everyone is welcome so please come along.

Many thanks to those of you who donated cakes or attended the Macmillan Coffee morning on 22 September, held in the Community Room at the shop. Together we raised £250 for the charity and also had an enjoyable time. Remember that the Community Room is available for hire; if you are interested come into the shop and enquire or email us at

October 2017

Autumn is here and already some of you will be planning for Christmas!!  We have to order Christmas stock for the shop well in advance and this year we will have a good range of seasonal produce, including cards and hampers.  To launch this produce and to give you another opportunity to taste some of the local produce we stock, there will be a tasting morning on Saturday 18 November.  Pop in to have a chat and try out something new.

We try to provide a wide range of produce, covering most general needs. We also try to offer local produce when possible, including beers, cheeses, cakes and bread.  We are increasing the range of local beers, with Suthwyk Ales and Flack Brewery (both Hampshire) added to the shelves.  We already stock award winning Isle of White cheeses, and we are adding a tomato juice made with IoW tomatoes. We are currently reviewing our selection of wine.  If you have any suggestions for the range of wines we should stock please email us a

We continue to offer locally baked Honesty breads and croissants on Fridays and Saturdays.  If you need to order speciality bread for a particular occasion, for collection on a Friday or Saturday, please phone the shop on 01635 268849, giving us 48 hours’ notice.

With Halloween at the end of October, we are getting in the mood for this by running a Pumpkin Carving Competition.   If you buy your pumpkin from the village shop you will be given an entry form for this.  This will offer free entry to the competition.  All you need to do is email us a photo of your creation, or bring a photo into the shop, with the deadline of Monday 6 November.   Two prizes will be awarded of £10 vouchers for spending in the shop – one for entries from those under 14 years, and one for those aged 14 and above.  So even grown-ups can enter.

We advertised for a permanent day-time shop supervisor in the last edition of this magazine.   The deadline for applications is 30 September, so at the time of writing we are waiting for applications.  But remember, even if we make an appointment we still need more volunteers.  Help is especially needed at the weekends with paper deliveries (using the shop car), and staffing the shop for early sales.  If you are thinking about volunteering please ask in the shop for more information (there is a new volunteer information leaflet available).  All necessary training is provided.  You can email Carol-anne on or Neil on

We hope to see you in the shop soon.

March 2017

We have all settled back into 2017, coping with the variations being thrown at us by the weather. As I write this it’s snowing steadily and the temperature is 1 degree. The forecast tells me it will be 11 degrees in two days from now. But whatever is happening outside we hope that you get a warm welcome in the shop, and of course an opportunity to talk about the weather!

By the time you read this, St Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. Did you spot it? You may have bought something from the shop. We are now preparing for Easter, so please look in to see whether the cards, chocolates, Easter eggs you need are in stock – and don’t forget that Easter isn’t complete without a chocolate bunny!

We continue to offer locally baked high quality bread from Honesty Bakery at Greenham. As a small shop we can only stock a small volume and we receive a delivery every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. To make sure you get your fresh bread, and your favourite loaf, remember that you can order and we can reserve your bread regularly or for a specific occasion. We do need advance notice, so please ask a shop supervisor for a list of available Honesty products and an order form.

Newspapers and magazines are quite a significant part of our work. We sell them in the shop and also delivery daily. The area we deliver to is large. In addition to Headly and Ashford Hill we cover Plastow Green, the A339 from Cotttismore to Greenham Business Park, Bishops Green and Ecchinswell, and Thornford Road to Crookham. If you want to arrange a paper delivery for have a paper or magazine reserved for you in the shop, please speak to any shop supervisor. For those who already have newspaper accounts please rmember that when cancelling papers for a period you need to give us 48 hours notice.

You may well see us buzzing around the area in our little blue shop Peugeot delivery papers. During the week all deliveries are done by Diane Cook who turns out early Monday to Friday come rain or shine. At the weekend most deliveries are done by a band of intrepid volunteers in the shop car, with the local Headley papers delivered, in time honoured fashion, by a paperboy (it is boy at the moment) on a bicycle. For the last few years Luke Vetere has been reliable paperboy, by he “retired” from the job in February. In his place is another young local resident, Jack Hygate. We would like to say may thanks to Luke for his hard work, and welcome to Jack.

We hope to see you in the shop soon!