Get Involved

In running a community shop and Post Office, we work hard to offer a service to our customers and to local residents in particular. To do this we are reliant on our group of willing volunteers. If you have read this column before, you will know that we regularly ask for volunteers. Whilst we are supported by a group of loyal helpers, some of whom have been involved from when the community took over the shop in 2008, we still need more volunteers to help us. It’s surprising what a complex organisation a small shop is so there are many different roles to play.

Without new volunteers we will struggle so please think about whether you can give some of your time on a regular basis. In addition to serving customers in the shop, there is a wide range of jobs to be done including shelf stacking, stock taking/monitoring and newspaper organisation/deliveries.

To quote one recent recruit:-

“I enjoy my time helping in the shop. Although I’ve lived in the area for many years, it has given me the opportunity to become much more familiar with the community and its personalities.  New customers frequently comment about what a lovely shop it is and the friendly atmosphere. The shop is well organised and there is an almost seamless crossover of responsibilities between the permanent employees and the volunteers without whom the shop could not operate.”

If you are interested in helping, please ask Serena or Kerina, the shop supervisors for a list of volunteers activities. If you are able to help, proper training and guidance will be given from the supervisors or other volunteers. In order to survive we need your help.