June 2018

It’s always a busy time in the shop, but in the spring and summer months we do see more customers which is always good news. It’s great to see locals and passing visitors in the shop, so don’t forget to keep using us.

Now is the time we sell plants to stock the garden. These can go quickly so keep an eye open for the plant stands at the front of the shop. If you grow your own plants from seed, including vegetables, you may have a surplus that you do not want to throw onto the compost heap. We will be pleased to accept these as donations, and sell them on. That is also true of vegetables and fruit you grow. If you have a glut of courgettes or beans, we will be happy to take them off your hands. Isn’t it amazing how many courgettes you can get off three little seedlings – at home we’re still eating courgette soup from last year.

Our new stock of frozen meats from a local butcher is selling well. They are tucked away in the bottom of the freezer cabinet immediately on your left as you enter the shop, so have a look at what’s there next time you are in. And you can ask us to order frozen meat in especially for you if you speak to the shop supervisor.

We have always delivered papers to quite a wide area – including Headley, Ashford Hill, Plastow Green, Bishops Green, Ecchinswell and Crookham. We are very keen to keep these deliveries going in order to serve customers, and because the sale of papers is an important source of income for us. During the week we employ someone to do the deliveries, but we’ve never managed to find someone to work at the weekends so we are dependent upon a group of volunteers. To keep this service going we need more volunteers. Please consider whether you could help at the weekend for 3 hours once a month, either in the shop or driving the shop car to make deliveries. Contact Neil on nrhaynes40@tesco.net.