September 2018


We hope you enjoyed, or at least survived the unusually hot, dry summer.

In previous articles we have explained the shop is a community shop run by volunteers.  The shop is part of the community, non-profit making and managed by a team of  volunteers.  There is no shop owner; the Old Baptist Church which we operate from is owned by Greenham Common Trust.  The shop is set up as an association to benefit the community of Headley and Ashford Hill by sustaining the village shop and PO.  Anyone who supports this aim can apply to be part of the association by becoming a member.  The non-refundable membership is £10; members are invited to an annual general meeting and entitled to vote at that meeting.  The more members we have the better we represent the local community.

As a way of thanking our existing members, and encouraging new members to join, we are introducing a monthly draw. We plan to start this in October, with all members entered into a monthly draw for a £25 shop voucher. If you are a member, your chances of winning this are about 250,000 times greater than winning the lottery draw.  Can you resist that?   If you want to support us by becoming a member of the association please ask in the shop and you will be given a membership form.  Alternatively email Neil on and I will email you a form.

We always welcome suggestions in the shop and encourage customers to speak to us about stock or services.  In addition we have introduced a Suggestion Box.  This is currently on the small table near the greetings cards.  If you have any ideas for improving or extending the service we provide, please fill in a form and put it in the box.

We are already thinking about what stock we should get in for Christmas.  Alarming though this thought is, all retailers will be doing this and we have to order early.  Please think of items you would like to see in the shop all the time, or for Christmas, and put your ideas in the box.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help in the shop during the week or the weekend. We know that not everyone can make a regular commitment, but there are always jobs to be done.  For example, in front of the shop we have two large wooden planters.  From spring bulbs onwards these always look beautiful and enhance the area.  The planting is expertly done by Michael Everitt.  However the planters are reaching the end of their useful lives.  If anyone is prepared to build replacement planters for us that would be greatly appreciated.  Email Neil if you can help.