Newspapers & Magazines Delivered

  • Headley and Ashford Hill
  • Plastow Green
  • A339 from Cottismore to Greenham Business Park
  • Bishops Green
  • Ecchinswell
  • Thornford Road to Crookham

Bread & Pastried baked daily

We bake bread and croissants daily on the premises. In addition we have regular deliveries of speciality breads, rolls, cakes, pastries and snacks from Halls, Quality Bakers from Stroud who have a long tradition of producing quality bread and cakes distributed through Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and now North Hampshire. Remember that you can order so that we reserve your favourite items regularly or for specific needs or occasions. Please ask our shop supervisor for a list of available products.

Other Services

Post Office

Local produce

Fairtrade Goods

Deli items and savouries

Dry Cleaning